Friday, October 22, 2010

JMeter ebook download [Packt Publishing Apache JMeter Jun 2008]

Here is an E-book on JMeter. Hope you'll will find it useful.

File name: Packt Publishing Apache JMeter Jun 2008.pdf
File size:5.24 MB

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Automated Testing
Why Automate Testing?
To Automate or Not to Automate—Some Hints
How Much Does it Cost?

Chapter 2: Introduction to JMeter
The Humble Beginning
The Features—What JMeter Can Do for You
The Look-How-Easy-to-Use GUI
The Requirements

Chapter 3: Getting Started
Installing JMeter
Setting the Environment
Running JMeter

Chapter 4: The Test Plan
What Is a Test Plan?
Elements of a Test Plan
Thread Group
Logic Controllers
Configuration Elements
Pre-Processor Elements
Post-Processor Elements
Building a Test Plan That Tests Web Sites

Chapter 5: Load/Performance Testing of Websites
Preparing for Load Testing
What You Need to Know
Some Helpful Tips to Get Better Results
Using JMeter Components
Recording HTTP Requests
Creating the Test Plan
Adding Listeners
Adding Timers
Running the Test Plan
Interpreting the Results
Remote Testing with JMeter
Monitoring the Server's Performance

Chapter 6: Functional Testing
Preparing for Functional Testing
Using JMeter Components
Using HTTP Proxy Server to Record Page Requests
Configuring the Proxy Server
Adding HTTP Request Default
Adding HTTP Header Manager
Let the Recording Begin...
Adding User Defined Variables
Running the Test

Chapter 7: Advanced Features
Extending the Web Test Plan
Using the ForEach Controller
Using the While Controller and the StringFromFile Function
Using the Loop Controller and the StringFromFile Function
Using Regular Expressions
Testing a Database Server
Testing an FTP Server

Chapter 8: JMeter and Beyond

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