Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Watir 1.6.5 gem download with ruby setup

Starting off with watir isnt all that simple especially if you cannot find the setup required.

 Here is a complete guide to setting up watir.

1. Download ruby-one-click setup from RubyForge , take care that the gem you downloaded supports this version of Ruby. You will find the gem and ruby setup compatibility information at http://watir.com/installation/

2. Download the stable watir gem. I downloaded rubyinstaller-1.8.6-p398 in order to work with my watir 1.6.5 gems . [Common watir, firewatir and Watir] as both were compatible. Earlier I had installed ruby 1.9.1 but it dint work with watir 1.6.5 . I got the error "msvcrt-ruby18.dll not found" as the version required was much lesser.

3. Install ruby and keep all the gems in one folder.
4. Open command prompt[cmd from run] and then cd to the folder where the gems are located
5. Here run the commands:

D:\mygems> gem install commonwatir-1.6.5.gem
D:\mygems> gem install watir-1.6.5.gem
D:\mygems> gem install firewatir-1.6.5.gem

3. If you are behind a proxy, you will have issues finding the dependent gems. This will result in the error http://rubygems.org/ does not appear to be a repository

To resolve this issue, you will need proxy bypass until you have it install. If you have a machine that you can use as a proxy, you can specify it in command as:
SET HTTP_PROXY=http://user:secret@ip-addess:8080


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  1. Or i just realized.. you could ask your system administrators to give u a proxy bypass while you install Watir ;)